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#ChokoraCulture is a movement created with the aim to unpack and examine the aspects and vulnerabilities of street children.

What many people do not understand is that we have children getting tied up and raped as they sleep. Young girls are forced into relationships, in an attempt to remain unharmed. Others are getting pregnant and going into labor right on the streets, while some resort to dangerous Abortion methods


“Together with numerous researchers, we take a look at the children’s peer friendship, drug consumption, the kind of education they receive on the streets, and why do they prefer the streets over the Shelters?” 

We make the public aware of the true nature of the problems and implications the children face.

ChokoraCulture works together with the Family Wellness Center – Kenya, and we continue to bring together different people to collectively help us understand the children’s lifestyle and advocate for them.

You can join the movement by simply sharing some of their stories on your social media platforms, using the Hashtag #ChokoraCulture. Your small change can honestly go a long way. 

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Check out our official site –



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Any contribution and dedication to the movement can really go a long way in helping these children.

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